What is an automatic soldering machine? Why do you choose an automatic soldering machine?

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PCBA industry has a different sales season - the high season and the low season. In the high season, SMEs often have insufficient workers.But in the low season,factory does not need so many staffs. How can this situation be solved? At the same time, we also face the increasing costs of employee. So we can bring in  automatic soldering machines to solve  this problems.

The automatic soldering machine is an automated device. Its working principle is to use the robot's movement function to complete the soldering operation.  Automatic soldering is divided into semi-automatic soldering machine and automatic soldering machine.

Why do we have to choose automatic soldering machine?

1. After setting up the program, the automatic soldering machine can automatically work, saving labor costs.

2. Many functions can be set, such as tin temperature, size, and length. After setting, the automatic soldering machine will always work according to the set procedure. The utilization rate of solder paste is high, so that no waste of material will occur and material cost will be saved.

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