PCB Board Design

PCB Board Design

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PCB board is the final process of all the design process, and the quality of PCB diagram plays a decisive role. So the design flow of PCB should be noted. Design process consists of several following steps.


1.Planning PCB

You should first determine the size of PCB before the formal drawing, including the edge size of PCB and the screw holes reserved inside. These screw holes are used for fixing. 

2.Transmit the schematic information to the PCB.

3.The placement of component

The main job of the placement is to place the components on the PCB board well. Both automatic layout and manual layout are feasible.

4.  Wiring

It is the most difficult part of the whole process to complete the wiring according to the grid table under the prompt of DXP Protel.

5.  Check the error and write the manuscript.

    It is necessary to check the PCB after the completion of the wiring, and then write the corresponding document for the PCB board. The length of the document is determined according to the length of the document.

In the circuit design of the PCB board, we can use Protel, powerpcb, Allegro, OrCAD, CAM350 and other PCB drawing software.

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