PCB design and cost controlling

PCB design and cost controlling

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Today let’s have a look at the PCB design and cost controlling, in order to allow the PCB cost the lower the better, there are many design factors must be taken into considerations:

1, The board size. Smaller board, the lower the cost. Part of the PCB size has become the standard, as long as the cost according to standard size as it will naturally decrease.
2, The cost of SMT is lower than THT, because the parts on the PCB will be more intensive (also small).


3, If the board is very dense with components , then the trace must be more detailed, we should use the advanced equipments and expensive material. The cost of these questions, much more than the cost of reduce the PCB size.

4, The more layers, the higher the cost, but less PCB layers usually result in an increase in size. The cost of multilayer pcb much more higher than single-sided pcb
5, Drilling will take time, so the holes the less the better.

6, Buried holes compare tp through plated holes is expensive. Because the buried holes must be drilled before stitching.

7, The size of the holes on the board in accordance with parts to determine the diameter of the pin. If the board has a different type of pin parts, then because the machine can not use the same drill all the holes drilled, Comparison of the relative time-consuming, so it represents to  increase manufacturing costs.
8, Fly test, usually expensive than optical methods. Generally speaking, optical test is sufficient to ensure no errors on the PCB.

To know the PCB manufacturing process is very useful, which allows us to know where we should to control. So we know these can be taken into account when we design PCB, and reducing PCB costs.

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