Flexible pcb connections and testing ways

Flexible pcb connections and testing ways

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Flxible pcb connections have main two kinds: plug and welding ways. Flexible pcb plug that is inserted into the connector inside, then FPC insertion end and Goldfinger designed according to the spec. of connector. Welding that is Flexible pcb can be soldered to the PCB board, may also be welded to the B2B connector.

As for the Flexible pcb testing, some performance tests are done by the manufacturers, but also can meet the requirements of mobile phones, we are not discussed here. We are most concerned about is the life issues. FPC life in addition to considering the structural design of factors, the most important is to consider the FPC materials. In the selection of the copper foil is best to choose a good rolled copper foil.

Flexible pcb

About the life test, the best way is through the experiment, through a dedicated folding machine experiment, with automatic counting function, you can test out the Flexible pcb in the normal operating range can be folded up to the number of times. Not yet found what software can simulate analysis. As for the test results can reach tens of thousands of times, different mobile phone manufacturers and the market have different standards.

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