Active and Passive Electronic Components

Active and Passive Electronic Components

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There are two classes of electronic components – Active and Passive. Both these electronic components are different from each other. This article explains all about active and passive electronic components and the difference between the two.

What are Active Electronic Components?

Active electronic components are those that can control the flow of electricity. Most electronic printed circuit boards have at least one active component. Some examples of active electronic components are transistors, vacuum tubes, silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs).

What are Passive Electronic Components?

Passive electronic components are those that don’t have the ability to control current by means of another electrical signal. Examples of passive electronic components are capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, and diodes.

Electronic Components

  • What is a Resistor?

A Resistor is an electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current. It is a passive deviceused to control, or impede the flow of, electric current in an electric circuit by providing resistance, thereby developing a drop in voltage across the device.

  • What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a passive electrical component that can store energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors called “plates”. The process of storing energy in the capacitor is known as “charging”. The ability of a capacitor to store charge is measured by its capacitance. Capacitors are used in electronic circuits as energy storage devices. They are also be used to differentiate between high-frequency and low-frequency signals. A wide variety of capacitors are available, including  electrolytic capacitors, basic parallel-plate capacitors, and mechanical variable capacitors.

  • What is a Diode?

A diode is a one-way valve for electricity. Diodes allow flow of electricity in one direction. Most diodes have a painted line on one end showing the direction or flow. The negative side is normally white.

  • What is an Integrated Circuit (IC)?

Integrated Circuits are package of several complex circuits. ICs are available in a wide variety of packages and sizes. Their applications are as varied as their packages.

  • What are Transistors?

A transistor is a semiconductor device. It is the fundamental building block of the circuitry in mobile phones, computers, and several other electronic devices. A transistor has very fast response and is used in a number of functions including voltage regulation, amplification, switching, signal modulation, and oscillators. Transistors may be packaged individually or they can be a part of an integrated circuit. Some of the ICs have billion of transistors in a very small area.

Electronic Components

Electronic components, both active and passive, are lifeline of any printed circuit assembly. They both play vital roles in the functioning of any electronic device. Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function.

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