BGA Rework / Repairing / Hand Soldering

BGA Rework / Repairing / Hand Soldering

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Rework and hand soldering of BGA Packages is the toughest part. It needs practice to do the job. Let us understand Desoldering and soldering of BGA packages:

Desoldering BGA

The most common practice to desolder BGA is hot air. Here are the steps to desolder BGA Package using Hot Air:

  • Apply liquid solder flux on the sides of the package.

  • Preheat the package from both top and bottom. Heat can be given from the bottom using a preheated while heat from the top can be given using a Hot Air Rework System. Hakko FR-820 is the best available preheater while Hakko FR-803 is the best economical Hot Air SMD / BGA Rework System

  • Now using the correct BGA Nozzle, give heat on top of the BGA Package.

  • The solder balls underneath the BGA package will melt. Pick up the package with a Tweezer of using vacuum pick-up.


Soldering BGA

Again the most common practice to solder BGA is hot air. Here are the steps to solder BGA Package using Hot Air:

Once the BGA Package is removed, clean the pad and remove any excess solder from the board.

  • Apply Flux Paste (Not Liquid Flux) on to the pad. Paste flux will help solder balls to stick so that they do not fall or change position.

  • Place solder balls very carefully on the pad.

  • Apply paste flux to the bottom (soldering side) of the BGA package.

  • Carefully place the BGA Package of the solder balls.

  • Preheat and then apply Hot Air from both top and bottom.

  • Solder balls will melt and get soldered.

BGA technology and the BGA soldering is very reliable if done using the correct procedure. A BGA has less resistance to heat and hence there is lesser or no damage due to overheating.

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