Rocket EMS Obtains Funding for Expansion

Rocket EMS Obtains Funding for Expansion

Publish Date:2016-10-20 10:25:34 Clicks: 91

SANTA CLARA, CA – Rocket EMS has obtained financing to fund an expansion of its operations here.  

InSite Partners led the investment round, which included participation from new investors. InSite specializes in helping technology companies through direct investment and hands-on work within the companies.

The company did not disclose the amount of the investment.

“We’ve worked hard to build an excellent infrastructure for the development of complex electronic products,” said Michael Kottke, the founder of Rocket. “The infusion of this capital allows us to take the company to an entirely different level in terms of production equipment and capability.”

Rocket recently developed a manufacturing information tracking system that integrates with standard ERP systems.


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