PCB Assembling: Right-Sizing Components

PCB Assembling: Right-Sizing Components

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In these somewhat uncertain economic times, “right-sizing” is becoming a growing trend is businesses.  Rather than “up-sizing” or “down-sizing,” this new euphemism of the day is about finding the right balance of costs, utility, and TCO to optimize your returns.  It’s an ideal, of course, a goal to be pursued but perhaps not necessarily to be met. 

In PCB assembling, “right-sizing” actually takes on two meanings…  but with the right partner electronics manufacturer, you can get the best of both worlds.  Whether you’re looking to reduce component usage or optimize your manufacturing processes to achieve an optimal mix, finding a great US-based electronics PCB assembly serviceplant can be the perfect way to right-size your electronics order.

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Quality PCB Assembling Right-Sizes Your Designs

In electronics design and electronics design services, right-sizing refers literally to the size of the device and its components.  Larger components often give higher safety and tolerance margins but, of course, the push in consumer electronics design is towards ever-smaller and more tightly-integrated products. 

Will elements like heat sinks or surge protection on your power supply reduce your overall costs by eliminating unnecessary after-sales support, or will it simply add bloat (and bulk) at needless cost?

That’s why you need an electronics assembler who is a partner, not just a supplier.  A facility with extensive test development services can prototype these designs – or simply build computer models – and test them against real-world usage scenarios.  The experienced electronics engineers at these facilities can help you optimize your product, finding the right balance between size, utility, and longevity.

Further, you also look for PCB assembling services with superior supply chain management skills, you can also be assured that the components going into your design are legitimate, not counterfeit.

Doing PCB Assembling Right Means Right-Sizing Your Orders

Of course, there’s more to bringing a new product to market than simply having it built.  You also need to consider the state of the market, and what your goals are for the product:

  • How many units do you hope to sell?

  • How many different configurations will you be offering?

  • How quickly could demand for your product shift?  Is a demand spike likely?

This is another benefit to utilizing an on-shore manufacturer rather than going offshore.   By locating yourself near your production facilities, you give yourself far more freedom in exploring these questions.  Domestic supply pipelines are shorter and can be altered much more quickly, if the market should head unexpectedly in another direction.

Further, manufacturers with modern, state-of-the-art facilities are going to be better equipped to provide you with a range of different products, all coming off the same assembly line.  A high-complexity order – one with several variations – requires a substantially more advanced facility than one which can only manufacture one or two designs at once.

Going with an offshore manufacturer often means locking yourself into commitments that cannot be changed for months, even if the market shifts in the meantime.  You don’t want to get stuck under- or over-producing stock with no effective way of changing course. 

Instead, a PCB assembly contractor with flexibility will allow you to right-size your orders.

Right-Size Your Product Development

From optimizing specific unit builds to giving you the most possible flexibility in your PCB manufacturing plans, a domestic PCB assembling service gives you the power you need to truly right-size your electronics order.  Don’t take a risk with unsupervised foreign manufacturers and long supply pipelines. 

Make the smart investment ahead of time, and reap the benefits as your production proceeds.

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