5 Ways Full-Service Contract Electronic Assembly Firms Lower Costs

5 Ways Full-Service Contract Electronic Assembly Firms Lower Costs

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Most electronics companies have a higher technical ability to innovation, because they put a lot of money and energy in it. So if they want to make a profit you needto save on production costs. Here we show 5 types of contract manufacturing of PCB Assembly to reduce costs.

PCB Assembly

1、Surface-Mount Board Optimizations

When your PCB manufacturing partner utilizes the most modern Surface Mount Technologies, it can lead to big refinements in your board design as well as significant cost-cutting.  SMT-based components are significantly smaller than alternatives, as well as very often being less expensive.  Additionally, SMT designs allow you to utilize both sides of a circuit board, potentially cutting entire unnecessary PCBs from the final product design.

2、Alternative Component Sourcing

Manufacturing centers which have been in business for a significant amount of time have a huge range of component manufacturers to choose from.  Often, small changes in component sources and slight adjustments to the build can pay off with substantially reduced per-unit manufacturing costs, with little or no reduction in overall product quality. 

Additionally, a full-service provider can provide a bigger picture look at your component costs.  Aspects such as shipping time and fuel, or the availability of spare parts, can be utilized to further optimize your build costs.  In a markets where price is always a consideration, small optimizations can bring big price cuts when the product comes to market.

3、Rapid Prototyping

When your contract electronic assembly service can provide prototypes more quickly and at lower cost than hiring a separate third-party for prototyping, that translates into pure savings.  It can also generate additional feedback loops, refining the design, as well as guaranteeing that that final build is an exact match to the prototype it's based on.

4、Predictive Failure Testing

When all your prototyping, design, and production is handled by one company, this brings increased knowledge and awareness of product issues across the board.  Every component can be tracked for likely failure rates, with component buys and system build quantities computed ahead of time to allow for likely post-sale support needs.

This can lower long-run costs by preventing the need for special small-batch orders due to an unexpected defect or high failure rates on a particular component.  Buying everything up-front ensures you're getting the lowest per-part costs.

5、Repairs Rather Than Replacements

When assembly is done overseas, or multiple third parties have different roles in the manufacturing process, actual repair work becomes difficult or impossible to achieve in a timely and cost-effective fashion.  Unfortunately, this leads to huge waste, as entire replacement builds have to be sent out when a single component is likely at fault.

A PCB manufacturer equipped to also handle post-sale support generates cost-savings throughout the support window, by lowering the per-customer costs for any warranty claims. 

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