Contract electronics manufacturing to create greater value

Contract electronics manufacturing to create greater value

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Contract electronics manufacturing service providers has been constantly improving their own competitiveness, they strive to provide customers more value added products.When looking at costs across the entire lifespan of the product -not just its initial manufacturing- domestic contract electronic manufacturing services deliver a better product, happier customers, and a superior ROI.

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Four More Reasons To Consider Reshoring In 2016

1 - Reshoring is going mainstream

What was once a trend largely among smaller businesses looking to get an edge over the competition has expanded to cover more and more major A-list businesses.  Just last year, General Electric brought roughly 1,900 jobs back from China.  And given that GE is well-known for its cost-cutting efforts, they're obviously not doing this solely for PR value.The problems with offshore manufacturing are becoming increasingly well-known and, accordingly, companies are looking for better alternatives.

2 - Better infrastructure and equipment

China may be one of the leaders in overall PCB manufacturing, but America is still tops in innovation and the adoption of new technology.  Most of the factories in use in China were built 10-20 years ago, and haven't seen many updates, at least outside of the biggest names like Foxconn.

In the meantime, US manufacturers are continually investing in new manufacturing techniques, allowing them to offer products that are smaller, faster, or more rugged.  When the market for electronics is so competitive, a company needs to be able to say their products are being made in cutting-edge facilities.

3 - Fully integrated product developmentPCB-Repair-Services3

Modern US contract electronics manufacturing services do far more than simply build products to spec. They can be true partners, working with you every step of the way, from initial concept through multiple prototypes and into the final build.  Testing and even focus-group sessions are also possibilities.

This can vastly accelerate the development of a product, when one company is handling its development throughout the process.   The testing process, in particular, can quickly iron out the problems in a product before release, creating a product that garners great reviews right out of the gate.

4 - In-house technical support

Who could ever be more effective at providing post-sale support than the same facility which designed and manufactured the product?   In-house support services have the benefit of the engineers' own expertise, as well as gaining insight from the testing reports previously generated.

Contract electronics manufacturing services for our production to provide a great convenience, in order to find a reliable processor, we believe that nod electronic is a good choice.

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