Contract Electronics Manufacturer must provide you with four kinds of services.

Contract Electronics Manufacturer must provide you with four kinds of services.

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You may be really looking for an electronics manufacturing service provider, and you may be having a headache for how to make a decision. In order to meet your production, you want to increase value-added and reduce costs, in fact, you do not only need these, let's explore what services you should pay attention to.

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1. New Production Services

As today's consumers are continuously seeking out electronic devices that can work faster and smarter, electronics companies must work hard to hold their customer's interest by continuously updating their existing products and creating new product lines. Unfortunately, the extensive design and development processes can become very time consuming and stressful. As such, it is not uncommon for creative teams and engineers to become burned out, or become too close to the project to see ways of enhancing the design schematics, creating a more efficient device, or solving problems. By working with professional contract electronic manufacturing services, new sets of eyes are introduced to the project, ensuring that each of your device's plans have been viewed from every possible angle. In this way, you can complete the design process more quickly. From here, your contract manufacturer can help to develop prototypes and move into the actual PCB assembly process. 

2. PCB and Systems Assembly Services

Your contract electronic manufacturing services provider should be well versed in PCB and systems assembly. As you look into working with prospective manufacturing companies, you should find out about the production technology that is utilized by the business in order to ensure that the latest machinery is utilized in assembling your devices for maximum efficiency and effectiveness - regardless of how complex your products are. Amongst other things, he PCB and systems assembly capabilities of your manufacturing company should include:

  • Rosin, No Clean, and Aqueous Flux Chemistries

  • Multiple Through-hole assembly areas

  • BGA X-Ray and Rework

  • Automated SMT print inspection

  • Automated Optical inspection

  • Bonding and underfill

  • CT and Functional Test

  • Box Build

  • Configure to order/build to order

  • System assemblage at the Chassis, Cage or Rack level

  • Customized cabling

  • Board level and system level testing

3. Testing Services

There's nothing more embarrassing and detrimental to the reputation of your electronics business than producing a line of faulty devices that make it to the shelves, only to be recalled. The cost factor for disposing of the bad equipment, redesign, and re-production involved with these types of problems alone can be extremely devastating. In order to catch any issues quickly and prevent major losses, it's imperative that your contract PCB manufacturing services provender is able to provide ICT and Functional test services for virtually everything that it builds. Your manufacturing partner should have the know-how and experience to troubleshoot complex analog, digital, and/or RF products and come up with fast solutions. Any defects that are found during the testing process should be quickly corrected by your manufacturing partner, and captured in a database for both reporting and trend analysis. 

4.  Fulfillment Services

When the production of your devices is completed, the work isn't over for good contract electronic manufacturing services. Your partner should be able to offer flexible, customizable solutions for all phases of your product's life cycle - extending even to direct customer shipping and a repair and return depot. Through quick troubleshooting and corrections, the need for expensive warranty replacements can effectively be eliminated. In this way, you can remove the "middle man", making things smoother and easier for both you and your customers. It's a win for everyone involved. 

Producing a great product at a reasonable price point is very possible. By taking the time to find a contract electronic manufacturing services provider who can meet all four of these criteria, you and your business will thrive.

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