When should you Use a PCB Assembly?

When should you Use a PCB Assembly?

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Although your electronics business has been doing fine on its own for awhile, there comes a point in every smaller company's life when it must decide whether or not to enlist the help of third party services in order to meet customer demands or to reach goals. As you weigh the costs and benefits of working with a PCB assembly company, however, you may find it difficult to know what will be best for your business. To make your decision easier, here are three situations in which contracting with a PCB assembly company should be seriously considered.

PCB Assembly

1. You need to develop small, highly complex products

Assembling efficient and effective PCBs for today's small, lightweight electronic devices is nothing to scoff at. With technology shrinking, it only becomes more difficult for contract electronic manufacturers to develop and produce PC boards that will fit the bill. If your company is unable to afford the costs associated with advanced, state-of-the-art assembly machinery, you may be finding it very difficult to keep up with consumer demands. Older, clumsier machinery may struggle to print circuits to the board in a way that is accurate and precise. Ultimately, this can result in faulty products, lost money as you are forced to throw out boards where the circuit was not properly etched, and can make the assembly process take far longer than it should. Once this step is completed, you must have the ability to carefully and skillfully drill holes into the board in order to accommodate all of the necessary design components.

Without new, properly maintained machinery, the likelihood for expensive errors will increase significantly. If this sounds all-too familiar, it is time to consider working with a PC board assembly company that can take on these burdens for you. With the latest automatic machinery, robotics, and extremely talented and experienced technicians, even the smallest and most detailed PCBs can be manufactured with accuracy.

2. You're looking to reduce time and costs

Time is money, which means that speed is a must in terms of cost-efficient and success. The more time it takes you to produce PC boards, the more you must charge your customers. If the costs grow too high, your clients will turn elsewhere. The problem is that without the ability toassemble your devices fast while still maintaining a high level of quality and precision, you will find yourself falling behind. The best and most economical way for smaller companies to resolve this issue is to contract with a PC board assembly company. With the help of a team of professional designers, engineers, and manufacturers, you will be able to turn out products that are efficient, effective and highly functional in a fraction of the time and for less capitol.

3. You're hoping to grow

The goal of any business is to grow and thrive, but unless you're able to produce fast, quality, and competitively priced PC boards, you're going to end up being stuck in the same place for awhile. Your company may have the ability to produce very small quantities of your products, but in order for you to take on larger clients and increase your profits, you need to be able to keep up with larger orders. Often, the "little guys" get stuck in a "Catch-22 situation" wherein a large client places a large order. If you're paid for the large order, you can afford to hire more help or purchase new equipment, but you can't get paid until you produce quality PC boards. Unfortunately, you can't produce the boards, because you don't yet have the manpower or machinery required. To get yourself out of this rut, you can work with a PC board assembly company that will enable you to produce more PCBs in less time so that you an fulfill purchase orders and finally grow. 

Is it time for you to hire a PC board assembly partner?

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