Should Cost Examples For PCB Assembly

Should Cost Examples For PCB Assembly

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Here's a pocket guide to PCB assembly (PCBA) prices in China, Mexico, and the United States. Our pocket guide gives a quick view of expected prices for PCBA's based on region, value, and number of component placements. 


PCB Assembly

We assumed this item is the total relationship. Total business relationship is one of the most significant factors contract manufacturers use to determine the profit margins they are willing to sell at. Prices may be lower if the relationship is significantly larger or if the customer has strategic value to the contract manufacturer. All prices (except Optimum prices) are derived from objective 3rd party data and models supplied by Charlie Barnhart & Associates.

Note regarding Optimum's pricing: In many instances Optimum is less expensive, sometimes substantially less expensive, than China or This reflects Optimum's investment in technologies, processes, and methods that allow us to manufacture some PCBA's at extremely competitive prices.

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