Self-improvements of Struggled PCB Designers

Self-improvements of Struggled PCB Designers

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As we all know, now the development of electronic products is very fast, and almost all of the electronic products need PCB. But with the development of science and technology, circuit board designers have gradually encountered a bottleneck in the development and design of PCB,the PCB market is gradually declining. But what exactly is the cause of present embarrassing situation for PCB designers. And how can the PCB designers achieve the self-improvement in this environment?


Limited development of PCB designers

The PCB designers mainly draw PCB, but they have to face the problem of transition to a certain stage. They can choose to engage in the embedded software of hardware design or both do electronic engineers, or else it's hard for them to improve the ability to work to get the salary change.

Hardware work partly replaced by software

At present a large number of work traditionally done by the electronic engineer is becoming the work of software engineers, it is mainly because that they have excess capacity in terms of hardware processing. General-purpose hardware will gradually replace the dedicated hardware, and gradually use the software. 

And now the software with general-purpose hardware model is more popular in the market relative to the dedicated hardware so that the expense of R&D is really low and at the same time with greater flexibility. So the software market is gradually expanding to the hardware market, and then the circuit board designers work in a more narrow field.

In fact, the scope of hardware development has been relatively large, if the circuit board designers want to narrow the hardware development market to achieve self-regeneration, it is necessary to lock their own direction at a high level, they should also learn the high frequency, high density, multilayer circuit and electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity in addition to the basic design of PCB. They need to regain a firm foothold in the hardware market after planning their our direction.

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