Outgoing Quality Inspection of flexible pcb

Outgoing Quality Inspection of flexible pcb

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Many people may be very familiar with the circuit board, but for the flexible circuit board may also be relatively unfamiliar. In fact, he has been applied to all areas of our lives, such as medical, communications and defense and so on. So an electronic processing plant in the production of flexible circuit boards should be how to ensure product quality? See below our test items:

1. The material of your required. Include the based material,coverlayer,stiffener,silkscreen, etc
2. Testing: Peel strength, Chemical resistance test, Bending test, Thermal stree test;
3. Finished treatment;
4. Outline dimension;
5. 100% open/short testing of flexible pcb;
6. Appearance inspect.

After these inspect items, then we will pack the flexible pcb goods, and send out.

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