Scanfil to Close Hungary EMS Ops

Scanfil to Close Hungary EMS Ops

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BIATORBAGY, HUNGARY -- Scanfil EMS will shutter it subsidiary here by the second quarter next year and take a EUR 1.3 million ($1.4 million) charge.

Scanfil Kft employs about 200 workers and salaried employees whom will be affected by the closing. Most operations will cease during the current quarter, Scanfil said in a statement.

Existing customers will be served by other Scanfil factories.

The plant had sales in 2015 of about EUR 13.6 million and an operating loss of approximately EUR 1.2 million.

Closing the factory will finalize the restructuring related to its acquisition and integration of PartnerTech. Since the acquisition took place last year, it has announced or already closed sites in Vantaa, Finland; Dongguan, China; Moss, Norway; and Cambridge, UK. It also sold its metal fabrication factory in Sweden.

 1 EUR = 1.07878 USD

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