How to Introduce Lean Production Principle in Electronic Assembly

How to Introduce Lean Production Principle in Electronic Assembly

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Lean production is a new high efficiency, high efficiency and low cost production principle in recent years. It came from Japan's Toyota and is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Compared to other production methods, it promotes that cost, time and labor investment can be halved but to obtain the required results.Lean production is also widely used in electronic assembly manufacturing, but there are some differences in the implementation of lean production in the current PCB manufacturing enterprises, then how should the management ideas of lean production be applied to the production management of the enterprise and reduce the enterprise's production operating costs and improve production efficiency?


The main principle of lean production is on-time production, elimination of waste, paying attention to process and innovation, in the PCB assembly manufacturing factory, the most important is the implementation of JIT production,  from the purchase of materials to production and delivery, which means the production of standardization. To achieve standardization, the factory to do the following:

1. On-time procurement

In an electronic assembly plant for the production of a product, the production materials need to undergo ordering, receiving, quality inspection, warehousing, deployment and other processes, these processes waste of time and can't increase the value of the product. We need to select qualified quality assurance suppliers from the supply to eliminate these wastes. These companies should establish a long term cooperative relationship with suppliers. As a cooperative partner you will be able to get better preferential prices.

2. Reduce production preparation time

Only by reducing the adjustment and preparation time of production by electronic assembly manufacturers can the entire production process become initiative. We should reduce the adjustment time and make preparations for the adjustment when the machine is still running from one product to another product and from one product ion part to another.At the same time we should train the processing and production specialist and improve the equipment and process assembly.

3.Establish JIT unit

We should also strengthen product quality control between the establishment of JIT units, the appearance of defective products in the chain of production will affect the next link production. The core of the JIT unit is to move the warehouse into the plant, set up storage in the plant, adjust the layout of the workshop with the material storage place.The establishment of JIT unit also need to minimize the number of workers in the workshop, while eliminating all unnecessary things to ensure that the workshop clean and tidy.

We are familiar with the electronic processing enterprises Flextronics has been the first to introduce this production model, leading the industry's enterprises. Their annual profit output are far ahead. There is already the first person to try tomato, you have to hesitate?

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