How should China's Semiconductor Industry Develop? --Fujian Hongxin Failed To Acquire Aixtron

How should China's Semiconductor Industry Develop? --Fujian Hongxin Failed To Acquire Aixtron

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Well-known enterprise Fujian Hongxin failed to acquire Aixtron AG, which is blocked by the U.S. Ban. In fact, many Chinese companies are in the acquisition of foreign capital companies, which can help them to market. These companies will learn from foreign companies’ mature technology to promote their own development, it is more convenient. This acquisition failed, many people applauded, they think this can promote the development of China's own technology rather than rely on foreign technical support. For this acquisition, we should think about the future of China's semiconductor industry.


1. Can the acquisition of foreign loss-making enterprises really help us to carry out technological transformation?

How can the enterprises deal with their own business after the International mergers and acquisitions? Are these enterprises willing to come with the core technology to transform us? Also, the cultural differences between the two sides led to more difficult communication. It’s not convenient to manage the enterprises after acquisition because of different language and cultures. Our own technical problems are difficult to change if we only depend on the enterprises acquired. So we need to own the core technology, rather than rely on others.

2. How to solve the short-sighted phenomenon of China's semiconductor industry?

For China's semiconductor industry, we should clearly know that the core technology of strategic industries can not buy from others. We should focus on independent research and development and have our own core technology. We shouldn't take the shortcut to climb. Semiconductors are important in PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing.The current situation of China's semiconductor industry is more impetuous, which has a bad influence on our own development, we should have a long-term point of view.

We hope that the development of semiconductor industry can return to the right way after this failure case of acquisition. We should depend on ourselves and improve our own technology.



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