Searching PCB Assembly Job with Necessary Skills

Searching PCB Assembly Job with Necessary Skills

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How to find a job related to PCB assembly? I don’t think there’s anyone better than me, because I just got a PCB assembly offer. There are two common ways to find a relative job currently.

1/Write Resume--Voting--Telephone--Interview

2/Select Job -- Select Company -- Write Resume -- Active Connection -- Preparation Verbal Tricks -- Interview

But, believe me, therer are almost 99% people using the first method around you, if you want to stand out, pls to be the other 1%. To select the second way, you will have more initiative and the success rate of 99%. Because I got my offer in this way.

 PCB Assembly Job

Surely, It is required some necessary PCB Assembly working skills, such as:

  • Assemble electrical parts, systems and support structures to specifications

  • Install electrical parts,modules and printed circuit boards in accordance with specifications,and use hand tools and power tools

  • Check quipment to detect failures and adjust components, to ensure compliance with specifications

  • Manufacture and form parts according to specifications by using drills, cutting machines and saws

  • Locate,adjust and adjust the workpiece and electrical parts to facilitate wiring and assembly

  • Assist or authorize supervisor or engineer to plan and review work activities and solve production problems.

  • Clean parts by using cleaning solution, air hose and cloth

  • Mark and marking components to track and identify inventory lists

  • Pack components and delivery

  • Select or distribute materials,supplies and components to the work area

  • Read and interpret schematics,diagrams,specifications and work list to determine material requirements and assembly instructions

  • Dill and tap at specific locations to install the control unitand provide openings for components, wiring and instrumentation

  • Cooperate with team work

  • Meet weekly production standards established by management

With these skills, you have to learn, improving your ability, continuing to improve.

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