How to Calculate the Price of PCBA Prototyping ?

How to Calculate the Price of PCBA Prototyping ?

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The electronic product designer will do PCBA prototyping before the new product releasing or mass production, the quantity of PCBA prototype is usually between 5 and 20 pcs, and the quantity is relatively small. For the PCBA prototype cost, electronic processing factory will ask for the additional engineering cost on the basis of the minimum consumer standard, therefore, the unit price of PCBA prototype will be more expensive.

PCBA prototype price

PCBA prototype price including the following details:

Purchasing components cost + PCB cost + PCB engineering cost +SMT/DIP engineering cost + test cost (according to customer's request)

PCBA prototype prices will be based on the minimum consumer standard to collect enigineering cost, and the PCB engineering cost will be among 500 to 1000,MT/DIP engineering cost between 1500 and 3000, and test cost according to customer's demand to decide whether to collect.

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