Is it Necessary to Audit the PCBA Processing Factory ?

Is it Necessary to Audit the PCBA Processing Factory ?

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It is very necessary for electronic product R&D to audit the PCB assembly factory. A electronic products from the original PCB substrate to the half finished PCB board, which involves many processes and the manufacturing process is complex, high requirements for process control,while the general factory is difficult to do. It is also a necessary process for the PCBA manufacturer to audit the factory.

PCB Processing Factory

Electronic products R&D audit the PCBA processing factory, which is mainly including the factory equipment, documents, basic introduction workshop with 7S management system and the company'review.


The Equipment in a PCBA processing factory is on behalf of a manufacturer's strength in certain circumstances. It needs a lot of equipment machines and more advanced equipment for a PCBA board manufacturing and process, which can represent to process more complex board.You can determine the strength of the PCBA process by reviewing the equipment in the factory.


The manufacturing process of PCBA processing is complex, so general PCBA processing plants have SOP position, work instructions and other relative documents, which is the guidance on the conduct of employees, to ensure that the manufacturing process is under strictly control, to improve the quality of the products. To review the factory can also determine wheather the factory is professional standardized.

Third/The workshop with 7S management system

7S management system is a management system of modern factories, which can eliminate all kinds of bad imagination during the manufacturing process, to achieve standardized management.

  • 1/Seiri

Definition: the distinction between use and useless to remove the useless.

Objective: to make use of "empty space"

  • 2/Seiton

Definition: the things in accordance with the provisions of the positioning, quantitative neatly and clearly marked.

Purpose: don't waste time looking for things

  • 3/Seiso

Definition: removing the dirt in the workplace, and prevent pollution.

Objective: to eliminate the "dirt" and keep the workplace clean and bright.

  • 4/Seiketsu

Definition: to make the above 3 practics in institutionalize, standardize, and sustain the implementation 

Objective: to maintain the results, and show the "abnormal" lies through the system

  • 5/Shitsuke

Definition: all in accordance with the provisions of act from the mind to form good habits.

Objective: to change the "hostage", pay attention to the cultivation of working earnest habit.

  • 6/Security

A,to make correct operation flow, configure the appropriate staff to monitor the indication function in management

B,timely reporting and eliminate substandard of the factors safety regulations

C,to enhance safety awareness education personnel

D,signed letters of responsibility for security

Objective: to predict the danger, so at the end of it begining

  • 7/Save

Reduce the manpower, cost, space, time, inventory, material consumption and so on

Objective: to develop a habit of reducing cost, strengthen the operation personnel to reduce waste awareness education.

Fourth/Company presentation

Finally, it also need to understand the basic introduction of the company, what are the types of customers, whether their own matching products, which are necessary to understand.

Generally, as a formal company, they will audit the PCBA processing factory ,and even year by year. We can fully understand the process capabilities through the auditing the PCBA processing factory.

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