Method and Procedure for PCBA Failure Analysis

Method and Procedure for PCBA Failure Analysis

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To get PCBA failure analysis reasons:

  • To accept the failure information feedback and analysis request from site and customers

  • To remark what customers complain

  • Model, Batch Number, Failure Rate and the proportion

  • Appearance inspection, production information

  • Failure mode phenomenon, parameter value

  • The difference between passed products


The failure analysis of PCBA has the following three reasons:

When PCBA appears problem, it must fist check the basic conditions of manufacturing process, also

PCBA Failure Analysis

1/Materials Problem:

These not only include chemical materials of sold paste, such as flux, oil, tin, cleaning materials. Also cladding materials of PCB, such as anti-oxidation resin, temporary or permanent anti-welding ink and printing ink and so on.

2/Poor solderability

This involves all solder surfaces, like parts ( including surface-attached parts / SMT parts), PCB and plating drilling, which must be taken into account.

3/The deviation of manufacturing equipment

Including the deviation of machine equipment and maintenance and the external factors, temperature, conveyor belt speed and angle as well as the depth of soaking, etc; and the machine is directly related to variable. In addition, the external factors such as the ventilation, the reduction of air pressure and the conversion of voltage, etc, which must also be included in the analysis.

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