5 Steps to Control IQC Quality

5 Steps to Control IQC Quality

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IQC is the incoming quality control,and checking the raw materials provided by supplier,to ensure that only qualified raw materials to enter the next production process.The following sections describe the process of IQC and the specific steps of the operation.


5 Steps to Control IQC Quality

1/ After PCBA manufacturer received the raw materials, the warehouse staff is in charge of receiving materials, then passed it to IQC quality inspection department.Incoming inspection,also known as acceptance inspection, is to control the bad material into the control point of the material warehouse, but also to assess the main source of information for supplier.

2/ For all in coming materials, the IQC department is going to do the planned seizure, sampling inspection, and non-inspection according to the quality of the supply manufacturers and the quality of the materials, price volume, etc; Inspection items include the appearance of inspection size, structural characteristics of the test, electrical characteristics of the test, chemical materials inspection, physical characteristics of the test, mechanical properties,etc.

3/ If the materials are determined as unqualified or rejected materials, the inspection staff must fill out the "unqualified notice" to the quality inspection supervisor review.

4/ The quality control manager approved the unqualified or rejected materials, then the inspection staff has to send the "unqualified notice" to the purchaser who will advise the supplier to deal with the return and improve matters,and to lab the unqualified and signature on the material packages.

5/ The materials ave been determined as substandard material by quality control department, then the supplier or purchasing department advise the special audit or special applications.

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