Importance of Circuit Board Conformal Coating after Assembly

Importance of Circuit Board Conformal Coating after Assembly

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Nowadays electronic products are widely used in variety areas. So printed circuit board will work in larger environment. But printed circuit board is easy to expose under different kinds of environment. They will be damaged because of change of water in atmosphere and environment temperature. In order to prevent printed circuit board corroding and ease harmful elements from air. After PCB assembly, there are protection layer to cover the surface of PCB. 

Conformal Coating

Usually without applying conformal coating, there will be chemical reaction among copper, vapor and oxygen. So copper part of printed circuit board will become green. On the printed circuit board random pollutant have the same destructive, they will cause electronic deterioration, corrosion and even lead to irreversible short circuit.

1.Applying conformal coating on printed circuit board and its components, it can reduce or avoid electronic deterioration when printed circuit board is influenced by harmful operation.

2.Even if conformal coating is very thin, But to some extent, it can still withstand a good mechanical vibration and swing, thermal shock, and high temperature operation. 

3.Because all common conformal coating has insulation function. Therefore it can allow higher power and closer board spacing and then satisfy  the purpose of miniaturization of components.

4.It can make tin feet insulate and avoid static electricity, effectively to prevent short circuit and other problems and then have moisture proof, insulation, anti-static and other characteristics.

5.It can protect tin on the surface of printed circuit board not oxidized, make the board  more beautiful and prevent dust obstructing and affecting the normal operation of the circuit board.

6.For some sensitive electronic components, such as thermal resistor, photoresistor and low sensitive resistor and other components that can't use conformal coating need to shield.

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