6 Untapped Sales Thoughts Before Starting Your Business

6 Untapped Sales Thoughts Before Starting Your Business

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If you don’t know how to sell, starting your own business must be a risk thing. How opportunity comes? It is actually driven by customer demands. As long as we can keenly look into customer demands and then think about how to notify the customers and convey excellent experiences, profits come subsequently.


In terms of sales, many guys think more complexly. In summary, you have to remember only 3 words: pain spot, tickle spot and excitement spot. Let us see simply definitions.

1.    Pain spot

What problems customer has, which makes him sleepless and annoying. These pain spots are what we should solve for customer.


2.    Tickle spot

Uncomfortable factors making customer in a dilemma. Customer needs somebody to scratch the tickle.


3.    Excitement spot

The excitement that makes customer shout “WOW” and stay in pleasure.


How are 6 cases to impress you. Hope you can be inspired through them.

ONE: Accurate Customer

Taxi driver is easily afflicted with hemorrhoids due to sitting for long time. If we can push audio or text advertisement of hemorrhoids drug by using taxi App under the downtown district, this is absolutely accurate marketing. It is said that there are 5 people replying to one message. When you pay no attention to this, others have been doing for long.

[Tips] Beyond surface, we can find taxi drivers’ pains such as hemorrhoids, lumbar disease and then dig customer demands for making a deal.


TWO: Increase Profits

You are shopping apples and asking “how much?”

Seller: “$1 USD for this stack”.

You: “How about apples on the other side?”

Seller: “$1.5 USD”.

You: “Why it’s more expensive?”

Seller: “Looks better”.

You decided to buy apples on price $1.5USD.

Afterwards, seller divided the apples as 2 stacks and sold them on price $1.5USD very soon.

[Tips] This is customer excitement spot. When you have only one price, customer decides to buy or not; When you have two prices, customer decides to buy the good or better. Actually, more customers buy better commodities, which will directly increase your profits.


THREE: Promote Customer Repeat Purchase

A fine menswear shop launched member service of dry cleaning of the clothes for FREE every month. Regular member: 1 time/month; Silver member: 2 times/month; Golden member: 3 times/month. The amazing happened. Customers will take their clothes to the shop for dry cleaning and look around new arrivals while waiting for their clothes. You know, more clothes were sold. Look, free gift or service is so powerful.

[Tips] Launch low cost value-added service, which can activate customer repeat purchasing.


FOUR: Strengthen Your Customer Relationship

Customer does not need your weekly greeting, postcard or SNS sharing. It’s terrible that you think your customer can remember you. These actually seem to be annoying. So please do NOT waste time on this. The right way is to analyze where your customer stands and learn how to pay and gain. For example, you can prepare a small bunch of flowers for lady customer every week. It is not expensive and will show your sincerity. More importantly, your customer likes it. You can prepare high end liquor for gentleman customer. You should also make your customers feel honored while picking up them. Besides material needs, we have to pay attention to their spiritual needs, such as mutual communication of interests and useful suggestions.

[Tips] You have to pay before gaining what you want and focus on customer spiritual needs more.


FIVE: Enhance Brand Awareness Through Place

After initial access to local market, a commodity maker did a weird thing that they placed first retail store in high-cost downtown and near big brand: Chanel. At the very beginning, many people confused about it, but gradually understood the reason. Customers probably think that a brand neighboring Chanel must be high-end brand. The smart manufacturer quickly promote brand awareness with cost of opening a direct store.

[Tips] Your brand place in customers’ heart is determined by whom you stand nearby. You can build brand awareness by marketing big brands.


SIX: Sales Psychology

A lady loved to buy delicate tableware, but her husband denied due to high price. At this moment, the shopping guide stepped forward and said only one sentence. After that, the husband went to cash counter to pay immediately. Do you know the reason of the man’s quick turn? The shopping guide said “Your wife would not ask you to wash the expensive tableware.”

[Tips] Customers don’t buy because they have no pains. So we only have to explore what customers think and their pains.


The last important thing is: just do it now.


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