FPCB maker Flexium sees sales pick up in June

FPCB maker Flexium sees sales pick up in June

Publish Date:2016-08-25 17:18:06 Clicks: 30

Flexible PCB manufacturer Flexium Interconnect, one of the suppliers of iPhone supply chain, has reported revenues of NT$1.215 billion (US$37.72 million) for June, up 13.08% sequentially but down 14.89% on year.


The company also saw its revenues for the second quarter of 2016 slide 7.86% on quarter and 17.52% on year to NT$3.456 billion. Accumulated 2016 revenues through June totaled NT$7.008 billion, decreasing 12.33% from a year earlier.


Flexium is expected to see its sales rebound in the third quarter due to increasing shipments to Apple for next-generation iPhone devices, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.


The company’ s stock price rose NT$1.60 to close at NT$84 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) during the July 11 session.

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