New Product and Systems Project Management Using Six Sigma Quality

New Product and Systems Project Management Using Six Sigma Quality

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This chapter outlines a methodology for new system and product design and development using six sigma quality-based project management. The method consists of determining the quality and capability of each level of the system design and using this information to guide allocation of specifications to individual subsystems and modules. In addition, this methodology can drive trade-off decisions in system architecture, component selection, and manufacturing and testing operations. Several tools such as composite Cpk and design quality matrix are discussed to aid system, design, and manufacturing engineers in achieving a quality-based new system and product design process. The chapter is divided into two main sections:

New Product

1.      The quality system review and quality-based project management. In Section 10.1, the traditional view of enterprise quality management and new product development project management are discussed, as are tools and techniques used to ensure successful product introductions, including methods for project tracking and control, using formal milestones as well as informal status meetings.

2.      Technical design information flow and six sigma system design. In Section 10.2, a methodology for six sigma based system design and project management is outlined, using tools such as composite Cpk and Cpk tree to manage system and project quality. Key characteristics are selected to track and focus on the quality of module and system design.

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