How to Choice a PCBA Manufacturer?

How to Choice a PCBA Manufacturer?

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PCBA (Printed circuit board assembly) is a very professional word in electronic industry. It is made up of SMT and DIP process. Printed circuit board is invented by Paul Eisler in 1936. In the year of 1948, PCB was first used in commercial purpose. PCB was not widely used until the 1950s. In PCBA global sales, there are many kinds of PCB substrate. Such as single layer PCB, double layer PCB, etc. What’s more, there are many complex PCB in global sales. And many of PCB makers provide PCBA service, they all want to provide PCBA global sales to grow their factories and companies.



International PCBA Industry Development

Now days, the output value of PCBA industry in the world makes up about one-third of the total output value of electronic industry. According to the output value, we can know that PCBA is the most important part in electronic trade.



How to Choice a Good PCBA Manufacturer

Electronic product everywhere, so we can see that PCBA supplier is an indispensable part in our lives. And the biggest PCBA maker country is China. Made in China is become more and more widespread. And China’s manufacturing industry is developing rapidly in recent years.


If someone want to do business with global PCBA trade, China’s PCBA suppliers may be the best choice.


When you want to find a good PCBA supplier, there are some useful steps to find them.


A. Surf the internet to find PCBA supplier factories websites.


B. Carefully read their websites. We need find there is a complete factory information and product information. If the website does not have a complete information, we can confirm that this company is not good enough.


C. Good website is very important, and the service is the same. We can call them, and make sure the supplier’s profession. If the customer services are very familiar with their business, then, we can select them.


Here are some items we need notice. The first one is make sure the PCBA supplier can wonderfully accomplish your task on time. If it is possible, factory inspection can help you ensure the supplier’s good or bad. If we want to do the PCBA global sales, the most important thing is keep out scammers.

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