How to get an instant PCB online quote?

How to get an instant PCB online quote?

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Printed circuit board technology deposition makes industry highly developed. The PCB quote comes to be transparent. PCB industry profits come to be averaged. During past a couple of months, being impacted by current global economic recession, a variety of PCB makers have been withdrawing from this market, in particular the small business providing low manufacturing capabilities and without scale and outstanding services. Regarding online quote, currently many PCB makers can do this, because PCB is likely to be standard product, although the manufacturing process should be customized.


To get an instant PCB quote, you have to provide some basic info: layer(s), size, laminate, surface finish, test requirements. But in terms of special requirements such as impedance, limited line spacing and width, blind via, buried via etc., engineer has to figure out the quote through more efforts.


During the process of calculating total cost, upstream laminate price is becoming transparent, so PCB makers only have to work out cost of labor, water, electricity, workshop rental, pollution management, wastage, machinery depreciation and then figure out the BEP (Break-Even Point). For online PCB quote, price of common double layer is about $50~90 USD/m2, but $90~100 USD/m2 for PCBs with special manufacturing requirements. Of course, the price discrepancy depends on processing, quality and services of the PCBs.

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