How do hardware engineers choose the right PCBA factory?

How do hardware engineers choose the right PCBA factory?

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There are often hardware engineers who do not know how to choose a suitable factory, and some people will check all kinds of certification in the factory. If the certificate is complete, it is a trustworthy factory. The certificate is a part of the factory's strength, but it can't be the only criterion. It also needs to be integrated with other aspects. It is better to judge the factory on the spot, and then judge from a series of aspects, such as the scale of the factory, the environment of the workshop, the production equipment, the spirit of the staff, the scale of the warehouse and so on.

 1. Factory scale

 The size of a factory directly determines how much of the production capacity, according to their own actual situation, choose a suitable factory, capacity scale and the number of orders of their own match.


2. Workshop environment

 A qualified factory, the workshop must be clean and pollution-free. The temperature and humidity reach the standard, the product produced in this environment can get the maximum guarantee.


3. Production equipment

 The new and old production equipment, the brand of equipment, will also have a certain impact on the process, in the choice of the equipment to observe the operation condition, the production line is complete, can meet your production needs.


4, The spirit of the staff

 An excellent factory, the spirit of the staff must be positive, responsible work, serious, the whole team is full of passion, such a mental outlook is a positive effect on production.


5. Warehouse scale

 The warehouse of the factory can be judged from the size of the warehouse, the placement of the materials, the materials, the semi-finished products, the products to be inspected and the finished products, to determine whether the factory is professional and detailed.

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