What's the principle of PCBA test?

What's the principle of PCBA test?

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PCBA test is a crucial procedure to ensure the quality of production and delivery, which stands for a process of making function test jig according to the designed test points, programming and operation steps from customer and putting PCBA board onto the FCT test jig to execute full test procedures.


The test principle of PCBA test is to connect test points on PCBA board through FCT test jig, which forms a complete circuit. Computer and debugger will be connected to upload programming. The MCU programming will capture user's inputs (such as 3-seconds press on switch) and run calculation to control ON/OFF of sub circuits (such as LED lighting or driving a motor). By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT test jig and verifying whether these input and output actions comply with the design, the full PCBA test will be completed.

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