PCB printed circuit boards technical skills

PCB printed circuit boards technical skills

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PCB Board cutting system is an important part of PCB design. But involving Emery Board (of the harmful type), copy the line (a simple duplication), many designers are reluctant to engage in this work. Even many designers don’t think PCB Board cutting system is technical work and junior designers with little training to do the job. This point of view has a certain amount of universality, but like a lot of work, PCB Board cutting system still has some skills. If designers who master these tips can save a lot of time and also significantly reduce labor. Here we outline this knowledge.


PCB Board cutting system concept

PCB Board cutting system is a process of getting schematic and PCB layout based on the original physical, with purpose of later development, which include deep test, installation of components, circuits and so on. Because they do not belong to the scope of PCB Board cutting system, so that only the presentation won’t go into details.


Process of PCB Board cutting system

1, removal of the original plate of the device.

2, original sheet scanned, receive graphic files.

3, surface and got the middle-tier.

4, the middle-tier scan and receive graphic files.

5, repeat step 2-4 until all layers are processed.

6, using special software to convert graphic files to electrical file—PCB drawing. If you have the right software, designers simply scan graphics again.

7, check and complete the design.


Tips for PCB Board cutting system

PCB Board cutting system (especially multilayer PCB Board cutting system) is a time-consuming job that contains a large amount of repetitive work. Designers need to have enough patience and carefulness, otherwise mistakes occur. The key of cutting system is to use the right software to replace manual repetitive work, that saves time and is more accurate.


1, the scanner must be used in the cutting process.

Many designers are used directly in the PROTEL, PADSOR or draw lines on PCB design systems such as CAD. This is a bad habit. Scan the resulting graphic file is converted to the PCB file based, and checks later. Use of scanners can significantly reduce the difficulty and intensity of labor. If we can make full use of the scanner, even with no design experience can also finish PCB Board cutting system working.


2, single-direction grinding plate.

Some designers in pursuit of speed, select bidirectional plate mill (from the front and back surface worn away to the middle tier layer). In fact, this is very wrong. Because bi-directional grinding plates are very easy to wear, causing other damage and with predictable results. Outer layers of the PCB Board due to technology and copper foil, pads, etc are the most hard, middle-tier software. So the problem of the middle tier is more serious, and often cannot be polished. In addition, all manufacturers of PCB material, hardness and elasticity are different, quite difficult to wear.


3, good conversion software.

The resulting graphic file to the PCB file is the key of the whole work. By using a good conversion file, designers can easily convert graphic files to a complete job. As herein, EDA2000 is recommended.

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