Top 4 Useful Certificates for PCB Assembly Factory

Top 4 Useful Certificates for PCB Assembly Factory

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Many PCB assembly factories are highly focusing quality management to win the market and will apply a range of certificates. Regardless of the expense, they are more likely to build robust trust with customers by those certificates. Let's look at top 4 common certificates for PCB assembly factories.



Difficulty: Low  / Expense: Low

It's basic and easily to get. Many factories have it with low cost. The audit items are basically primary.


Difficulty: High  / Expense: High

The necessary certification for auto industry is complex and technical, and has high & restrict audit requirements in terms of facilities and quality management system at factory. It's a big evidance that a PCB assembly factory has abilities to manage circuit board and assembly business for auto parts, because of its strong QMS and technical capabilities.


Difficulty: Medium  / Expense: Medium

ISO13485 is quality management system certification, focusing on PCB assembly manufacturing process, which has requirements of higher process control and quality management. The difficulty and expense of this certificate are medium.


Difficulty: High  / Expense: High

UL certification is one of the most popular certification systems in the world. It is well recognized by developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is suitable for PCB assembly business, which can effectively prove the hardware and software capabilities of the factory. Moreover, the audit will be reviewed quarterly and audit items are complex. This requires PCB assembly factory to fundamentally improve their process control and quality management system. Otherwise, the factory will lose their credit.

PCB assembly factories may also be involved in ROHS certification, SGS certification, military industry and other sub areas.

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