DIY Your Own PCB

DIY Your Own PCB

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In addition to allow the manufacturers to play sample, we can also own a DIY PCB, and the success rate of homemade PCB is higher. The photographic method is the main principle of design. We divide this process into the following steps:


1. Prepare materials

Here we need to prepare positive photo board, the film of A4 paper, UV light, developing agent, erchant, mold release agents, PCB drilling package.

2. Schematic drawing

You can use protel, powerpcb, Allegro, orcad, cam350, AltiumDesigner and other PCB drawing software. And it’s necessary to lay copper on PCB finally.

3. Print PCB drawing

You can use a laser printer or an inkjet printer to print it with A4 paper film.

4. Conference Board

Cut out the board neatly with a knife or a hacksaw after the corresponding size is marked on the photographic plate.

5. Exposure

Uncover the protective film of the photosensitive plate and make sure the printed PCB drawings direct to the photographic plate. Then try to fixed the paper film.

6. Developing

First configure the appropriate developer, and then put the exposed PCB board in a modulated developer. Finally wash it completely after development.

7. Etching

  Use it in cold water after modulating the etching solution. Then you can get PCB after shaking it for about twenty minutes.

2. Mold release

You can use the liquid ejection to release or just polish it directly.

9. Punch

You can just punch with PCB drilling machine.

You can successfully get the homemade PCB after the nine steps.

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