Homemade PCB Prototype with 3D Printer

Homemade PCB Prototype with 3D Printer

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3D printer now promotes the rapid development of the domestic product. In fact we can manufacture prototype circuit board with the traditional iron and a laser printer. What we only need to do is install a two level laser tube in 3D printer.


Here's how you can make a circuit board prototype at home or in the office.

1. Prepare raw materials

You need to prepare copper coated fiber board, any dark vinyl film, ferric chloride and a 3D printer installed with a diode laser. But here the diode laser should not exceed 2W.

2. Create a circuit board model

  You can create a circuit board model with any type of Inkscape program. The model is made to flipped picture and then converted to G-code model.

3. Laser cut

  Attach the vinyl film to the copper glass fiber and then put the board on the bench of 3D printer. Finally we open the 3D printer for laser cutting.

4. Observe vinyl film

  We can observe that the laser will carve the reverse image of model on the vinyl film, dissolve the ferric chloride powder in the water and immerse the glass fiber plate in chloride molten iron in about 50 minutes.

The glass fiber board with the reverse image contour can be obtained after the chemical reaction of the copper etching occurs. Then the connector on the top of the circuit board is welded. Finally we get a homemade PCB prototype with 3D printer.

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