Jet Printing Will be Replaced by SMT Spray Printing?

Jet Printing Will be Replaced by SMT Spray Printing?

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With the miniaturization of electronic products, boards and parts are getting smaller and smaller, more intelligent, more complex, and more difficult to process. Some large manufacturers of high precision production also began to use inkjet printing, although the cost of production equipment is higher, the production time is shorter and the products quality is higher. Compared with the stencil printing, the PCBA processing process is prone to a variety of welding problems, inkjet printing seems to be the most effective way to solve the problems in the process of modern large-scale electronic industry.

Stencil Printing

Inkjet printing has many advantages, such as the fast speed of spray printing, high quliaty, and more accurate .It can reach one million points within an hour. Each pad solder paste deposited more perfect, reducing the need for reprocessing. In addition, the use of inkjet printer drive platform is more convenient, only need to import Gerber data, it can automaticly reponse without manual invervention.

However, the spray printing equipment is more expensive, except a number of larger processing plants, small and medium processing manufacturers tend to stencil printing, lower cost, as long as the process is well controlled, the completion quality of the processing is relatively high rate.

Therefore, I think stencil printing will be not replaced by spray printing at present. With the development of electronic processing factory, it will introduce more advanced, faster processing equipment.

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