PCB Quality Check and Control Method

PCB Quality Check and Control Method

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The quality specification of the PCBA industry is the IPC-600 which is the general specification specified by the International Printed Circuit Board Association. The circuit board is subdivided, so does the corresponding quality standard. The quality specification for rigid circuit boards is IPC-6012, and the corresponding quality specification of flexible circuit board is IPC-6013. The general circuit board factory will use the following methods to ensure the quality of PCB.

PCB Quality Check

  • DRC Check

Design Rule Checking (DRC) is a very important step in PCB quality control. When the electronic processing plants receive new orders from customers, they will use automated tools to verify that the layout has errors. It checks the board's component placement and trace routing integrity for overlapping components, untraced pins, incorrect layer placement and constraints that are WHERE set for trace width routing and clearances. We also do the manufacturing rule check to make sure the PCB design can be manufactured. At the same time, manufacturing rules will be checked to ensure that the PCB design is manufactured.

  • Electrical Testing

The test machine will check for short circuit and open circuit, and to make sure that the fabricated PCB steel mesh is the same as the design, reducing the failure rate of the main board.

  • AOI(Automated optical inspection)

AOI can check the inner layer of the multi-layer PCB, scan the surface of PCB, observe by scanner or multi high resolution camera, monitor all area of circuit board.

  • ISO9001:2008、UL:E306317 and RoHs instructions.

General electronic plants need to be certified through ISO9001:2008, UL:E306317 and ROHS instructions, and ensure production quality on the basis of their quality inspection standards.

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