Smart bookshelf PCB Assembly
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    Smart bookshelf PCB Assembly

    Smart bookshelf is a shelf system that helps libraries manage books conveniently. The main functions are error reminders, missing prompts, real-time inventory and location navigation. Error reminders: when the reader or the staff put the books in the wrong place, the system can automatically generate erroneous books and reports, prompt the staff of the library. Missing prompts: the system can automatically detect lost books and generate lost report that is convenient for the library staff to inquire. Real-time inventory: the system can detect books and lent books in real time, and generate a list of lost books. Location navigation: according to the query conditions of readers and staff, such as a book name, author and so on. It will position the location of books and form three-dimensional navigation map for readers or staff to find books.NOD Electronics is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of PCB&PCBA for home camera, smart couple pillow, smart socks alarm clock, smart lighter, wireless service bell.

    Smart bookshelf PCB Assembly Capabilities

    7 SMT linesUp to 12 layersFuji & Samsung SMT mounters
    4 DIP linesSMT/DIPAuto solder paste screen printer
    0201 componentIn circuit testReflow ovens with 10 zones
    0.25mm BGAFunction circuit testAuto optical inspection
    Laser stencilsBurn in testWave soldering (lead-free)
    Senju solder pasteBox BuildingX-ray

    Electric Drywall Sander Process Control

    NOD Electronics fully show respect to your strict confidentiality of documentation and procedures and has formalized a range of control process that can ensure customer products in delivery of good quality. We will operate the process during Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) etc stages and management methods ISO, 7 sigma, PDCA.

    pcb assembly process control

    At Accelerated Assemblies, we not only provide lead free printed circuit boards for your industrial applications, but also help you migrate to lead free and ROHS compliant PCB assembly services.

Smart bookshelf PCB Assembly

Smart bookshelf is a shelf system that helps libraries manage books conveniently


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