Five Steps to Achieve CNC Carving Board

Five Steps to Achieve CNC Carving Board

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On the issue of printing circuit board, we can not only depend on manufacturers but also use CNC machine tool to engrave circuit board. CNC machine tool is mainly used for the turning of machine parts. Parts can be made out in case of planning the movement of the tool path in advance.


We can divided it into the following five steps:

 1.Automatic routing by freerouting-master

  The freerouting-master can realize automatic routing, which is an open-source auto-routing software. We can find the corresponding source code in the open source community. Then we only need to import the DSN file exported from DSN file and we get automatic routing by following the instructions of the toolbar.

2. Export process documents

  The process documents of PCB is text files that used to guide the production process, which record the coordinates, width, diameter and center hole of PCB board. we need to pay attention to the location of decimal point when we use.

3. Generate isolation circuit with LineGrinder_0104 software

  LineGrinder is a free software that can realize the flip operation of PCB and support the automatic matching of reference point. We need to pay particular attention to the following points: engraving depth, the width of the tool path, feed rate and reference pins.

4. Grbl project and arduino

Auduino is a open-source software with an 8-bit AVR MCU. Grbl is committed to the implementation of open-source software project controlled by CNC machine tool. Grbl will execute the probe instructions, the probe will stop moving and record the current position if received a pulse signal.

5. Self balancing algorithm for copper surface and existing software 

  The probe does the detection of multiple points in the plane of the circuit board to detect the specific location of a number of points. We can calculate the location information of any point on the plane according to the location of these points.

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