Art of PCB Silkscreen Printing

Art of PCB Silkscreen Printing

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Silkscreen of PCB is the text layer of PCB, which is at the top of PCB and used to make notes. The silkscreen layer includes the top layer and the bottom layer. They are the uppermost and lowermost layers. Art of silkscreen printing means printing the corresponding logo design and text code on both surfaces of the upper and lower printing plate. We should stick in a pin wherever there's room and ensure that the graphics is beautiful. 


We need to pay attention to the specifications and corresponding requirements of PCB silkscreen during printing. 

1.All components, mounting holes, positioning holes are corresponding to the silkscreen label.

2.Screen printing characters should be done from left to right, from top to bottom, in which the direction of the functional unit should be kept consistent.

3.The number of device shouldn’t be covered by the device that installed later. Meanwhile the direction of the polarity of polar components should be printed on the silkscreen.

4.These details should be on the board such as the board name, date, version number and other relevant information, and make sure that the position is clear.

5.The PCB manufacturers have complete relevant information and static marking, and these identifiers must be consistent with BOM lists.

 Only in this way can we obtain the silkscreen that provided with the function of beautiful appearance and convenient installation.

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