Major Maintenance Techniques for PCB

Major Maintenance Techniques for PCB

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Major maintenance techniques for circuit boards

How to judge the failure of the circuit board and maintain the circuit board is very important in the production and use of PCB, the specific repair techniques are the following:


1.Observe whether the circuit board is damaged or not

We can observe mainly from these aspects below. We can find that whether the corner of slab of circuit board is out of shape caused by accidents or not. We can observe that whether the socket is forced to pry or not. We can see whether the chip is inserted into the circuit board mistakenly or not. We should observe whether it is inserted by mistake if there is a short connector.

2.Observe whether the components are damaged or not

   We need to do an AVO meter aided measurement and replace the burned components with new components.

3.Observe whether the line of circuit board is burnt or not

4.Observe the insurance on board to see whether the fuse is blown out or not

We should prepare the instrument and commonly used tools that are easy to use in the maintain work of circuit board. The circuit board can be quickly repaired in this way.

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