PCB Copy Board Can Enhance The Function of Router

PCB Copy Board Can Enhance The Function of Router

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With the increase of handheld devices, the router plays a more and more important share in the market and users have higher requirements for the function of router, hoping to support the network services of various terminal equipment. At this time we can strengthen the function of the router with PCB copy board.


Users do not care about the appearance and intelligence of the router, the main concern is its stability and ease of use, which is depended on the configuration of the router. PCB copy board is worked as a reverse technology. We can obtain the PCB file, BOM list and principle diagram by copy board. Then we can analyze and learn the router so that we can advance our technology in order to improve the level of hardware of router. We can shorten the corresponding production cycle fundamentally.

Copying board doesn’t mean simple copy and imitation in the process, which means revision and upgrade after absorbing and learning. This is also called secondary innovation of PCB board. We can upgrade and improve the functionality of the router by modifications and changes of the original circuit board

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