Direct connection to the PCB

Direct connection to the PCB

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Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s new SDC 2.5 connectors plug directly into the PCB via through-contacted bore holes. This eliminates the need for an additional header and the soldering process, reducing component and process costs.


The connectors feature Phoenix Contact’s “SKEDD” plug-in technology, for easy PCB mounting without tools. The geometry of SKEDD contacts is similar to press-in technology. Each contact pin is made up of two flexible halves that easily adjust to plated through-holes on a PCB. When the contact is inserted into a through-hole, the integrated body-bound rivets lock the connectors in place to form a vibration-resistant connection.


Easy handling thanks to tool-free connection to the PCB

Smaller number of components and processes reduces production effort

Vibration-proof connection thanks to locking with body-bound rivets

User-friendly conductor connection thanks to push-in spring connection with spring opener


Main features

Currents: up to 12 A

Voltages: up to 320 V (300 V UL)

Conductor cross sections: 0.2 mm² to 2.5 mm²

Pitch: 5.0 mm

1 to 16-pos.

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