Quick Start of ENIG

Quick Start of ENIG

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Today, the use of ENIG is more and more extensive, which is mainly used for the surface treatment of the PCB, in order to prevent the surface of copper oxidation or corrosion.


Why does ENIG start to pop up

In recent years, the line of electronic devices is becoming more and more complex, which leads to lead-free solder and promotes the research and development of ENIG technology to reach a new height. Copper and nickel have the advantages of unique conductivity, heat conduction and easy processing. It has become more and more widely used in the national economy.

Pros Cons of ENIG

It has some disadvantages that can not be overcome. Nickel corrosion is one of the most important problems.The excessive oxidation on the nickel layer leads to nickel corrosion when it is in the leaching gold process. The irregular precipitation of Au atoms leads to the electrochemical effect of the nickel layer, and the nickel layer is also oxidized. But nickel gold has the advantages of smooth surface, welding, good heat dissipation and a long storage time. 

Basic process of ENIG

There are more than a dozen steps in the whole process. The main purpose of cleaning agent is to clear the oxide, organic matter of surface and reduce the surface tension. Activator is palladium and copper ions exchange, adsorption on the surface of copper to form an active catalyst. We should handle clean the board thoroughly before ENIG, after it we should dry the surface of chemical nickel gold plate and the hole fully.

Thus, the surface of the treated circuit board can be prevented from being oxidized and corroded, and it has the smoothness and uniformity as well as the weldability. So ENIG is increasingly favored by the majority of customers.

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