2 Main Differences between BOM and Parts List

2 Main Differences between BOM and Parts List

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BOM and parts list are important documents in the production of PCBA, but they have obvious differences in several aspects.

BOM is bill of material, which helps the computer identify the structure of the product data files. BOM is also the main document of ERP. The existence of BOM allows the system to identify the product structure and it is the link to contact and communicate the business. But there is a certain difference between BOM and the file table that we usually talk about. These are mainly reflected in the following aspects.


BOM provides more material information

Each material on the list has its unique code, which is the number of materials. There is no single material code in the parts table.

BOM not only contains the raw materials and hair germ, but also considers the rate of finished products. But the parts list does not reflect the material consumption quota. So the main function of the BOM is to plan and control the process.

BOM reflects more production process

The relationship between the parts and the branches in the BOM reflects the actual assembly process, the assembly process must conform to the drawing.

The shape and color of parts on the BOM list need to have a different coding, so as to distinguish and manage them well.

Material on the BOM is more flexible, the user can customize the part of the material.

Material on the BOM is main material to complete the product, but not the auxiliary material.

So BOM is the product structure data files that computer can identify, but also the dominant ERP files and a link between business. 

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