All Flex Builds Flex Circuitry Video Library

All Flex Builds Flex Circuitry Video Library

Publish Date:2016-11-01 12:01:39 Clicks: 42

NORTHFIELD, MN – All Flex has created a library of videos about flexible circuitry that serves as an educational resource for designers, product development engineers, electronic technicians and hardware engineers.

Flex Circuitry Video Library

“Despite an established level of written documentation available on flexible circuitry, our customers still demand one-on-one education on design principles, options to solve problems, and a general knowledge of flexible circuitry,” said Dave Becker, VP of sales/marketing.  “By providing a series of videos, our customers can more quickly and easily understand flex circuits, instead of trying to filter through a design guide to figure out how to apply characteristics and features to their particular requirements.”

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