Worthless Thing: Do You Still DIY PCB?

Worthless Thing: Do You Still DIY PCB?

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In the past decade, DIY PCB is a very famous thing, particularly for the electronics engineers who took it as enjoyment and practice of challenge and experimental spirit, as same as a variety of smart phone fans tried ROM update. However, this phenomenon had its space-time background. A couple of years ago, PCB prototype was very expensive up to $100-150 USD once and the lead time was up to 2 weeks, which was fatal for some R&D projects that needed to expedite. Rather than waiting, we can stand up and move forward. So there were gradually increasing tutorials about DIY PCB on the internet.


Nevertheless, as an electronic engineer, you are considering DIY PCB right now? Strongly not suggest to do this worthless thing, because PCB industry had been totally changed. Recently, PCB prototype orders are handled as method of mass production is very popular, which obviously reduces the cost and shorten lead time to 3 days. Therefore, please stop doing DIY. Try to place order and spend only $15-30 USD to get the PCBs. You can save a lot of time to prepare all PCB assembly and test job and your project could be propelled quickly and smoothly.

Estimation of a thing should be based on special space-time, that is why we encourage to catch up with the tide. The era of DIY PCB passed away and perhaps one day in the future, we can print PCB in terms of 3D printing technology. At that time, the day will be also changed.

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