What is The Essence In PCB Prototype Assembly

What is The Essence In PCB Prototype Assembly

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With the electronics industry's growing demand for electronics, many electronics manufacturers to design more products to meet the needs of consumer electronics, so they are in need of design and prototype services. Many companies choose to outsource, but the company's ability and service is worrying, so as long as the choice of a reliable service providers, they can bring you a lot of convenience.

1 - Product builds in less than a week.

Whereas most other companies will need weeks to create a quote and build the prototype, NOD electronics' streamlined services bring you a quote within one business day, and the prototype in 3-5 business days.  If the board is demanding product revisions on Monday, you could potentially have the new design on their desks by Friday.

No other manufacturer is able to offer such fast Prototyping and rapid ordering.

2 - More product revisions before release.

The devil is always in the details when it comes to consumer electronics, and new products can go through plenty of design revisions before being deemed ready for release.  We can slash the time needed to go through that revision process, or allow you to fit in several additional revisions within the same development time.

That means more feedback, more bug-testing, and more chances to get the product right before ordering a full production run.

3 - Integrated design services.

NOD electronics is a truly full-featured manufacturing partner, with in-house expertise in both hardware and software systems design.  There's no need to split up the workload - NOD electronics can provide both the PCB and the software needed to run it, with side-by-side development that ensures each is always the perfect match for the other.

There's no guesswork, or blindly hoping the software dev delivers in time to meet the hardware deadline.  You get everything from one source.

4 - From prototyping straight to full production.

Since NOD electronics keeps everything in-house, that means the prototype you approve can go straight into a full production run without delay.  There's no need to bring new partners up-to-speed, or coordinate communications between multiple providers.

What's Your Next Electronics Project?

From mass-produced consumer designs to specialty products destined for NASA space projects, NOD electronics can truly handle any electronics project on Earth while keeping the work right here in the China.  

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