Creative Electron to Refurbish X-ray Systems

Creative Electron to Refurbish X-ray Systems

Publish Date:2016-11-21 10:23:18 Clicks: 57

SAN MARCOS, CA – Creative Electron created a new division focused on the sale and rental of refurbished x-ray inspection systems.

All refurbished x-ray machines come with a factory 90-day warranty and are powered by TruView IP.

Customer service manager David Phillips leads the division.

“The acquisition of FocalSpot gave us access to a large number of high-quality x-ray machines we received as trade-ins,” said Phillips. “These machines have been completely refurbished and are fully warranted by our technical team. We currently have the largest inventory of x-ray systems ready to ship. These systems are also available for rental to supply our customers with a temporary x-ray solution.”

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