PCB West 2017 Show Floor More Than 80% Sold Out

PCB West 2017 Show Floor More Than 80% Sold Out

Publish Date:2016-11-21 10:25:13 Clicks: 74

ATLANTA, GA – The exhibition floor space for PCB West 2017 is more than 80% sold out, UP Media Group Inc. said today.

Booth sales began the week of October 4, and space reservations immediately poured in, show organizers added.

“Exhibit space registration opened just over a month ago, and the feedback has been tremendous,” said Frances Stewart, vice president of sales and marketing at UP Media Group. “Based on the interest level, we fully expect to sell out the exhibit space for the sixth year in a row.”

PCB West will be held September 12 - 14, 2017, in Santa Clara, CA. The event includes a three-day technical conference and one-day exhibition to be held at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.

PCB West annually provides a conference and exhibition focused on the design and manufacture of PCBs, HDI, electronics assembly and circuit board test. The September 2016 event attracted nearly 2,000 attendees.

Currently over 88 booths for the September 2017 trade show have been sold, or over 80% of the show floor, leaving fewer than 25 booths remaining.  

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